Types of Sugar

 These are a few more commonly used types of sugars used in baking.

Granulated Sugar (normal white sugar)
- Most common type of sugar used in cooking.

Caster sugar
- Finely granulated sugar. Sugar crystals are smaller than usual granulated white table sugar.

Icing sugar/ Confectioner's sugar
- Powdered sugar that usually contains a little constarch. They are commonly used in making frostings, icings and for decoration. Sift icing sugar before use in order to prevent lumps.

Brown sugar
- Brown sugar is available in light and dark. Dark brown sugar is deeper in colour and has a stronger molasses flavour than light brown sugar. In baking, recipes calling for brown sugar is usually measured as "packed" (e.g. 1 tablespoon of firmly packed brown sugar) as compared to granulated sugar which is not.

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